Change is Bold, a 501(c)(3) organization, is your partner for catalyzing innovative and effective community and social impact efforts. We are fiercely dedicated to outcomes and results, and passionate about improving lives.

At Change is Bold, we believe no one has the same viewpoint, and that perspective can change everything. Our expertise lies in building coalitions and partnering with organizations, communities, and individuals to bring fresh perspectives. We help them think differently and stimulate momentum toward positive impact in communities near and far.

Our initiatives

The 513 Village Coalition seeks to provide transformative learning and development hubs across Greater Cincinnati with all of the essential tools and resources needed to support the overall growth of our children and families.​

The 517 Village Coalition supports one-to-one mentoring relationships striving to help youth work through difficulties, see the world through a more comprehensive lens, and help them become the best versions of themselves.​

The Rewriting Futures Initiative takes a proactive approach to wellness with a strong emphasis on social and emotional health and the implementation of prevention and early intervention strategies to push back against the potentially devastating effects of childhood adversity. The tools were created for various age groups to give a platform to tell your story, to dream, and to leverage the challenges that life brings.