Leadership Team

Denyse Adams Ferguson, Co-CEO / President

Denyse is a seasoned director of growth and transformation. She has spent the last 25+ years catalyzing new phases of growth for established companies, start-up organizations, non-profit organizations, and other cause-related entities. She has extensive experience in multiple areas of business strategy, marketing, and development across multiple industries and around the globe.

Most importantly, Denyse has a deep passion for social impact and opportunities for children. From her early career days transferring cutting-edge technologies out of Harvard University and managing the use of the Harvard name globally to generate financial aid for students in need, to her recent efforts to transform health system’s community impact efforts, she has always been laser-focused on making the world a better place.

Andre M. Williams, Co-CEO / President

Andre is a strategic thinker and an unapologetic champion for positive disruption. Over the last 20+ years, he has provided corporations, non-profits and social impact organizations with business acumen and community understanding to realize opportunities and drive results and outcomes. He brings expertise in strategy, operations, business development and an unwillingness to accept the status quo.

Impact, moreover, social impact, has always been at the root of Andre’s personal and professional journeys. It brings him tremendous joy and satisfaction to help organizations and communities shrink their obstacles and commit to solutions that best align with transformational impact.

Board of Directors

Alan J. Costner
The Costner Group

Denise Paige
Hightowers Petroleum Company

Jason Adams
Metro Transit

Denyse Ferguson
Change is Bold, Inc.

Brian Hines
BOLD Change

Andre M. Williams
Change is Bold, Inc.

Marcus A. Williams